calling all Divas…

As I was working out at the gym this morning and having my brain assaulted by a relentless stream of better-left-forgotten 80’s pop hits (how many times should I really have to hear Europe’s “The Final Countdown”?), I suddenly had a brainwave. Now, not all my ideas are great ideas — as comedian George Carlin describes, these are thoughts that “probably kept me out of the bigger schools” — but they keep coming if I like it or not.

As VH-1 is beating the whole “Divas Live” program franchise to death and their entire prime-time of late is full of repeats feeding the need for 80’s nostalgia, I had two ideas for future editions of “Divas Live”:

  • Divas Live: the one hit and two hit wonder edition– Time to go find Denice Williams, Kim Carnes, Bananarama, Bonnie Tyler, Tara Kemp, and Samantha Fox and get them out on stage! At least we know that they’ll finish on time, because let’s face it, the audience is only going to be interested in at most one or two songs.
  • Divas Live: the women of Prince edition– Yes, you got it! All the women that Prince has produced and/or slept with, including Carmen Electra, Appolonia, Vanity, Sheena Easton, and Wendy and Lisa. For an encore, his royal badness can come out and take a bow wearing that yellow jump suit that shows his butt.

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