worried… worried… worried…

I’m a bit on edge today. My mother is in the hospital for surgery. A tumor on her ureter (the tube running from the kidney to the bladder) was discovered about 6 weeks ago. Initially the prognosis was that she would have to have a kidney removed. A second opinion with a doctor who is both an oncologist and urologist revealed that this may not be the case. My mom’s side of the family is part of what has become known in oncological circles as the Lynch Population — named for a study on an inherited tendency to get colon cancer (thankfully genetic tests show that I don’t have the defective gene.) It turns out that the inherited tendency for colon cancer and tumors of ureter are related. To make a long story short, whereas the normal procedure for this sort of thing is to remove a kidney, members of the Lynch Population can merely have the tumor removed if the kidney appears to be healthy.

I’m glad that mom may not lose a kidney, but I’m still worried. She’s in her early 60’s now. She’s still in good health, but, this is major surgery and I hate to think about the possibility of complications. It bumps up against the inevitability that my parents will no longer be with me at some point in the future. I find myself thinking about what she might miss, but that I desperately want her to see… my wedding a year from now, and her grandchildren when Girlfriend S. and I have them sometime after that.

I’m trying to remember that no news is probably good news. I’ll have to check in a little later to see how she’s doing. It’s early afternoon as a write this, and Mom and Dad live a couple timezones ahead of me. Theoretically, Mom went into surgery about two hours ago though they may be running late.

I hope that anyone who reads this will take a moment to send a little positive spiritual energy her way… she really is a great Mom and could use a little karmic energy recharge from the Universe today.

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