my high school days were likely not my best days, by any measure

This is an entry I was forced to re-write because I attempted to submit it after the site went down last night. Ugh.

I recently came to the interesting realization that I don’t keep in touch with any of the people I used to hang out with in high school. When I look at who attended my wedding last year, it was a somewhat eclectic group that is divisible into two basic categories. There were a number of friends from my childhood, going as far back as first grade. There were also several people who I certainly met in high school but only really got to know later during college. There is no one that falls into the “we met in homeroom in 10th grade and became great friends” category, however. The people I used to know who fall into that category disappeared from my life some time ago.I find myself wondering why this is.

I think there have to be two basic reasons. First, there were a lot of people that I used to run with in elementary school and middle school that I didn’t see much of for a few years. Take my best man at my wedding, for example. He was in a different curriculum in high school (he was taking technical drawing classes while I was taking French) and I didn’t see him too much until we went to college together.

The other reason is that I just wasn’t an easy person to get to know in those years. I didn’t make it easy. I was a bit of a nerd… and not someone that people probably felt easy talking to. I had not yet learned much about the noble art of party small talk. In any case, I made a lot of acquaintances through school, but few friends. I seemed to get along better with my teachers than I did many of the students… which is too bad, because a number of them became very interesting adults.

The deadline to renew my membership for passed recently. I opted not to renew. There weren’t many long lost friends waiting for me there. A few people responded to a short e-mail with “hey, how are you doing?” A few more did not reply at all.

Like I said, I just don’t keep in touch with a lot of the people I knew in high school.

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