some good financial news

Mrs. Geek and I met with a financial planner this past week, and I am happy to report two bits of good financial news.

First, we just paid off the last of our pre-wedding debts. With the exception of our student loans and some scrapbooking-related debt that Mrs. Geek is handling, we are now pretty much debt free. There are no outstanding credit card balances to pay down. We can start directing that money into savings for both short term (house downpayment) and long term (retirement) needs.

Second, we did an analysis of how much money we saved or used for pre-wedding debt repayment in the last year. We discovered that this amount totalled to a full ten percent of our combined gross salaries. There was also additional pre-tax funds directed to retirement accounts. We did it! We saved a significant chunk of money in the last year!

Hurrah! Hurrah, I say!

Of course, now we just need to do the same thing in this coming year. Time to cross those fingers again and start saving those pennies.

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