thanks, mom

Mrs. Geek and I watched parts of A LINCOLN CENTER SPECIAL: 30 YEARS OF LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER on PBS the other night. As I sat there, I could not help but realize how many of the names and faces that appeared and performed on Live From Lincoln Center were familiar to me. I also could not keep from thinking about my mother.

My Mom is the classical music nut in the family and it is to her that I think I owe much of my interest and experience with that genre. My Dad likes to listen to music, but I wouldn’t really call him a music lover. No, I think my Mom was the one who said that my sister and I needed to learn to play an instrument growing up. My Mom is the one who got the subscription tickets to the opera and the symphony. It was definitely my Mom who did all the LP buying for many years, including so many of those great RCA Victor classical recordings from the 50’s and 60’s in 220 gram vinyl. So, I believe the fact that I know about Frederic Chopin, Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland, Pablo Casals, Isaac Stern, Arthur Rubenstein, and Vladamir Horowitz are entirely due to my Mom’s presence and influence.

Thanks, Mom.

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