the truly educated never graduate… from traffic school

Let’s just re-cap how the day has been going so far:

  • Poor performance on all day job interview yesterday: check
  • Insomnia resulting in less than four hours of sleep due to leftover anxiety from said interview: check
  • Dreams during those four hours of cockroaches invading the walls of our home because I saw something beetle-like go running under the hot water heater: check
  • Second nosebleed in five days: check
  • Mrs. Geek feeling awful due to cold/virus/laryngitis thing: check
  • Mrs. Geek wanting me to find an ENT doctor, and not being successful: check
  • Getting my first ever speeding ticket on the way back from my last post-operative follow-up visit: check

I don’t know about you… I’m ready to pack it in for the day… and start looking for online traffic school classes. (When oh when oh when did I become such an awful driver?)

wrung out

I’m wrung out like an old washcloth. The phone screen I had earlier this month was successful. The day of “in person” interviews that followed was today. It started out well. I think I acquitted myself well during the first two of the five technical interviews. I then had lunch and a brief tour of the facilities. The next two interviews didn’t go so well. I got thrown a type of whiteboard test problem that was not as familiar to me in the first one after lunch, and I think I was tired and a little shell shocked for the the next one. I rallied for the last one and did ok.

I know I did not ace this day of interviews… and I tend to think that you have to ace these interviews to get a job. I’m not holding out too much hope. I should hear something one way or the other in a couple days.

On the plus side, I’m starting to get a better sense of how these interviews work. I think my efforts to study for the interview did help. I just worry that there is something about the process that doesn’t show me at my best.But as Scarlett says “tomorrow is another day”.

something nice

Since we now own a home (or a mortgage, at least), Mrs. Geek and I are now talking about the next step: children. This is topic laced with some anxiety. I’m nearly 40 and Mrs. Geek is… younger than that… but old enough to be concerned.

When she asked me how I felt about it over the weekend, I said “There are only two things that I have wanted to do since I finished my Ph.D.: get married and have a family. It took a long time to find you, and I can’t believe that God would finally bring you to me after it was too late to have kids.”

poor amy winehouse

As a part of my surgical recovery, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch, catching up on the contents of our DVR. I happened to watch Amy Winehouse: Live From London. The only thought that kept going through my head was “Oh dear Lord, this poor girl.” Wearing a short gingham dress and sporting a huge black mass/mess of a bouffant hairdo that makes her look like some kind of trailer trash Wizard-of-Oz-Dorothy, she performed, but looked dead. Her eyes looked lifeless and vacant, and she barely moved during the entire performance. She bantered with the audience a bit (which included her parents), but the term “phoning it in” didn’t quite begin to describe the overall energy level. A term like “drug induced haze” does. With her pale, skinny limbs, unkempt appearance, and lackluster demeanor, the girl is a wreck.

Back To Black and Frank were two of my favorite CD purchases of 2007. I was initially very sad when I discovered that I was a few days too late to buy tickets to see her live. That North American tour was later canceled. Based on this concert video, it would not have been worth the money anyway.


Me and my big mouth. No sooner do I say “everything is fine” and potential complication pops up.

One of the post-operative instructions we got from the surgical center on Thursday was to check for signs of infection: increased pain or swelling, discharge, odor, or fever over 100.6 or 101 (depending on which piece of paper you look at.) The weather has been warmer and more Spring-like during the last few days. The house really warmed up yesterday, and I was feeling warm and rather flushed last night. I decided to take my temperature and it was 100.8 — it later peaked at about 101.4.

This led to some hand-wringing on my part. I know that a physical response to the trauma of surgery can be fever. I had no other symptoms on the list, but this was causing me concern. I called my parents, both of whom have had several surgeries. They recommended trying to call a doctor. I ended up paging the surgeon who worked on my hernia. She agreed that this was worthy of concern if it did go much higher… but that the best course was to wait and see rather than heading to an emergency room. In the end, Mrs. Geek and I decided to wait and see.

I spent one of my more sleepless nights, but it all ended well. My fever broke overnight, and temperature was below normal this morning.

ps. Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes. I really appreciate it!