Finding my laugh

I haven’t felt much reason to laugh over the last three to four years. Some wonderful things have happened during that time (Baby G. being the most important of them) but I haven’t found to much reason to laugh. Work at Company O. kind of killed my ability to laugh for a while. As a child, my Mom would ask me “why are you laughing? are you re-living some joke again?” and often I would be. I had the ability to hold some bit of laughter in my memory and let some of it out simply by replaying it. For the last few years, Mrs. Geek would show me something and say “What? No chuckle? Anything? That’s funny!” and I often didn’t have the laughter in me. Everything around me seemed so serious and so depressing… putting my mind into a laugh inducing state of mind was hard to do.

With a change of job has come a change in temperament. Mrs. Geek says that there is a quietness and calmness about me that she hasn’t seen for a few years. Certainly an angry, frustrated core of emotion is gone. With that replaced by something more relaxed and genial, I was wondering if the ability to replay laughter might return too.

It did when I saw this not long ago:

I know. This bit of Photoshoppery, it’s wrong, so very wrong. Yet I think about it and giggle a little bit every time.


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