Phantom voices

I got up at about 1:45am the other night because Baby G. was stirring and mumbling in his sleep the other night.  Mrs. Geek pulled this duty the night before and expressly asked me to get up if I heard him in the middle of the night.  When he did, I got out of bed, walked down to his bedroom, found a pillow, and stretched out on the floor next to his crib.  After a short while, I fell asleep.

I had a dream of the sort that I usually don’t have.   I dreamed it was dark and I was walking through rooms in my parents house that don’t exist.   I started in rooms that were indistinctly filled with sleeping people in bunk beds, through a series of doorways, doors, and chambers that became progressively less used.  Each next room seemed to be filled with several people indistinctly mumbling, only to fall silent and uninhabited as soon as entered.  I stopped in a room, looking for corner where I could curl up and sleep.  A disembodied figure passed through from behind me onto the next chamber.  I took it to be my father.  I asked it/him if these rooms were ever used.  He responded “If I ever told your mother that they were, I’d never get any sleep around here.”   I lay down in the corner of that room and went to sleep.

After that, I awoke saw from the clock that it was almost 3am and went back to my own bed.   For some reason, that passing from room to room with the next room full of indistinct conversation that then fell silent… that’s stuck with me since.


2 thoughts on “Phantom voices

  1. I have those “previously undiscovered rooms” in a familiar house dreams a lot. And, Red and I shared a bed this week when we were out of town. She tossed and turned so much…hours and hours of constant movement…that I ended up sleeping on the couch both nights.

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