Not my best moment

I shared this with a few folks on FB earlier today, and I thought I’d preserve it here:

I gave Baby G. a grilled cheese sandwich and a few tater tots for dinner tonight. We were both tired, him from a a nap strike yesterday and me, from well, everything. All went well until I turned my back, he got hold of the salt shaker, and suddenly there was a white coating of salt all over his food, all over the table, and starting to work its way to the floor. Even as I said “Baby G. Stanley Cornelius! What are you doing!” too loudly and anxiously, I could hear my mother’s recent advice: “don’t yell at him, he doesn’t know any better”. And really, I wasn’t yelling at him, because she’s right, he doesn’t know any better. If I was yelling at anyone, it was at me for leaving the salt shaker within his reach. He didn’t know that… a for a few minutes, he started to cry. It was but a moment, but not one of my best.

They say that life is what happens while you are waiting for your plans to come true. Today feels like parenting is what happens while you are waiting to get some more sleep.


4 thoughts on “Not my best moment

    • I’m not beating myself up… but some days you just get tired and something less than perfect happens in a very human fashion. Then you hug the kid, get some sleep, and tomorrow is another day.

  1. What Lass said. And it could definitely be worse. I let my kid roll off the bed in one of those moments. Freaked out, I called the doctor to find out if I needed to bring him in. The doctor laughed at me and, after asking a few questions to make sure he was fine, said, “Do you have any idea how many of these calls we get every night?” Sleep is coming. Maybe not soon enough, but soon.

  2. Lord, yeah, I know those moments. Suffered through lots of them. Had one last night when I knocked a new snow globe off an overly cluttered dresser and accused the clutterer for the clutter but was really mad at myself. For not seeing it. Tears and sorrow and I’m still not forgiven entirely but…we all lived. It’s hard.

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